About Us

About us

Helping Today for a Better Tomorrow

We are aiming to improving the conditions of underprivileged children and youth through education, support and reaching out people affected by natural calamities and health emergencies.

HEARTS FOUNDATION (formerly HEARTS) began in January 2000 as a response to the vulnerability and neglect of street children found begging and living rough on the platforms of Guntur station. Our focus was on early intervention, re-uniting with families where possible and providing opportunities through Education, Health Care and Vocational Trainings.

HEARTS FOUNDATION strengthened its capacity and social awareness by networking with various NGOs and Forums in India and Overseas particularly the Future In Our Hands International Network. The FIOH movement whose philosophy is to reflect solidarity and empathy by encouraging values such as co-operation, sharing, fellowship, truth and compassion inspired us.

In the past 22 years, it has grown rapidly through support from donors and volunteers. Also HEARTS FOUNDATION has immense co-operation of the NGOs, Government, Railway authorities, Police and local community. Our efforts to children and youth for education and care are giving good results. In times of natural calamities and health emergencies, our services are recognised by local authorities.

HEARTS FOUNDATION is forever indebted to the invaluable support by Mike Thomas (FIOH), late Miriam van Duuren, late Naseeb Dajani, Louis Ronan, Hugh Copeland, Colin Knight, Molly Scotman and so many volunteers, sponsors and friends who are making big impact in our work.

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